COUNT represents a diverse group of global supply chain services, with the mutual goal to bring the world closer to a sustainable future.

At COUNT we handle, trade and explore commodities in the Food, Energy, and Renewables markets. We also manage Storage, Shipping Agencies and Logistics.

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Energy and Renewables

COUNT Energy & Renewables facilitates our partners within the energy and renewables markets. In petrochemical markets we trade benzene, styrene and pygas. Within the renewables segment we are specialized in UCO and recycled plastics.

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Cocoanect aims to build dedicated sustainable supply chains between farmer groups and chocolate makers. It has its own staff in the major cocoa producing countries to build partnerships with farmers, exporters, and development organizations to  improve the daily life of the farmers and to protect the environment.

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S5 is a leading Global Port Agency delivering services through more than 360 owned port offices. Its established presence in a competitive marketplace has been built on the reputation and ability to tailor the process driven products to meet its’ client’s specific and evolving requirements.

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Share Logistics provides international sea and air freight services for all kinds of cargo. The scale and expertise of Share Logistics form the foundation that enables them to deliver customized services for competitive prices.

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Our Mission and Vision

What we see. Is the growth of consumer demands which exceed the long-term availability of natural resources.

What we face. Is the need for immediate environmental and social-oriented actions.

What we strive for. Is to be the trusted business partner, with a keen eye for sustainability and market ethics.

What we foster. Is the development towards more dedicated and sustainable supply chains in commodity trade.

What we envision. Is the room for the two following objectives of ours to prosper:
Responsible production processes and Profitable waste recycling and green energy.

COUNT in Short

Main Sectors


$355 MIL

Amount traded

600.000 tonnes

Combined years of experience


Storage capacity


We fully offset our CO2 for our commute and transport emissions

CO2 Neutral

Other sectors


$140 MIL





Port calls managed