Cocoanect is a cocoa trading company that connects farmers, cooperatives, and local exporters to the world’s leading grinders and chocolate makers as well as to bean-to-bar chocolatiers.

Optimising supply chains

Cocoanect matches the expectations of the different actors, and builds long-term dedicated supply chains to secure excellent quality, traceability and sustainability of cocoa beans from origins all around the world.

Speciality Cocoa

Cocoanect connects the world’s finest cocoa flavours with the rich world of artisan chocolatiers. Being real adventurers, the team travels across the globe to find new flavour tones, and brings back the story behind the beans. In their in-house chocolate tasting lab, Cocoanect’s experts test the flavour tones of the beans. This enables them to advise chocolatiers on the broad variety of bean characteristics the company can offer.

Worldwide supply network

Cocoanect’s extensive supply network covers all major cocoa-producing countries. The company’s local representatives in West Africa and Latin America build up close ties with farmers and local exporters. This enables Cocoanect to safeguard bean quality and secure timely shipments as well as ensuring ethical standards are respected throughout the supply chains. The local teams support, advise, and encourage the many supply chain actors to collaborate, optimise outcomes, and secure a sustainable future of the cocoa supply chain.

Cocoanect has launched sustainability programmes with more than 25,000 farmer households in Ivory Coast, Ghana, Madagascar, Tanzania and Nigeria.


For chocolate we need cocoa beans, and for cocoa beans we need cocoa farmers. Today, more than 5 million smallholder cocoa farmers are still struggling to maintain a decent livelihood. Cocoanect’s local sustainability teams work in close collaboration with chocolate makers, certification standards authorities (UTZ Certified, Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade International, and organic standards), governments and not-for profit organisations, to improve the farmers’ incomes and protect the environment. They are pioneers in empowering women cooperatives in cocoa supply chains, and the proud initiator of West Africa’s first biodiversity-friendly cocoa programme.


Employees: 40
Operational since: 2014

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