COUNT Energy and Renewables

We facilitate our partners within the energy and renewables markets. In petrochemical markets we trade benzene, styrene and pygas. Within the renewables segment we are specialized in Animal Fats, UCO and recycled plastics

Our Mission

To be the trustworthy and reliable facilitators. To assist our partners to be as sustainable as possible in a predominantly unsustainable market.

Our Vision

We are the beacon for sustainable corporate transition and to be the enablers for the market’s needs.

Our products

Global presence monitoringinternational markets
Market Intelligence
Dedicated trade market analysis and operations teams


Over $350 mln. of Revenue (2019)


Our people have over 20 Years of experience in the fields

Flexible operating hours
Risk Management
Hedging with established industry benchmarks (Naphtha, FAME 0, Gasoil)


Focus on Ethical and Environmentally Cautious trading


60,000 M3 of Storage capacity $5,4 mln. of Revenue (2019)


We trade special chemicals and petroleum products. With the logistics infrastructure for tank storage and processing capacity, they deliver added value in the supply chain.

Through its subsidiaries and affiliates COUNT is present in all major continents.

Companies choose us because we can offer the flexible logistics capacity that is needed to ensure continuity of the marketing and production system.


Used Cooking Oil & Category 3 Animal Fats

COUNT focuses on worldwide trading of Used Cooking Oil (UCO) and Category 3 animal fats together with a vast network of suppliers and customers.  The fuel produced from the renewable sources have 90% less CO2 emissions compared to their fossil fuel equivalent!

Chemicals and Plastics  

Together with Infinity Recycling COUNT intends to valorize the plastic waste streams. It does so by investing into technologies, which convert plastics into renewable feedstocks. By utilizing the re-processed plastics, COUNT aims to bring new value to the supply chains and to  make waste a profitable commodity!