S5 Agency World Eurasia

S5 Agency World Eurasia is a local partner in global shipping agency services. The company extends its passion for shipping beyond services and into innovation that matters.

Next-level shipping business

S5 Agency World Eurasia, which combines the best of S5 Agency World North Europe and S5 Agency World Asia, is part of S5 Agency World, the fastest growing global port agency. S5 Agency World Eurasia is committed in taking its customers’ shipping business to the next level. Acting as the eagle eye for charterers, ship managers and ship owners in local ports all over the world, S5 Agency World Eurasia gives its clients total peace of mind. With a focus on the detail, the company is able to deliver the best in shipping agency services: from owner husbandry services to international hub services.

Driving Business Simplicity

Innovation waves through all levels of the service portfolio, from one-stop shipping services to global hub contracts. S5 Agency World Eurasia has taken great steps to simplify its customers’ processes that have a significant impact on internal efficiency, voyage return, cash flow and business intelligence. Simplification reduces money spent by customers and gives them full control of their business today and in the future.

Global network, regional leadership

The history of S5 Agency World North Europe dates back to 1772, and that of S5 Agency World Asia, to 1832. Based on this rich history, the two companies have joined forces to form a new, dynamic company that is determined to challenge the status quo in the shipping industry. This will lead to new market dynamics, taking the entire industry to a new level. From 61 offices, S5 Agency World Eurasia is present at 200+ ports throughout Asia and Europe. Supported by a diverse team of experts, committed to providing a first-class, reliable service to their customers, wherever they are.

S5 Agency World Eurasia

Employees: 775+
In business since: 2014

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