Beyond Expectations

The fundamental purpose of COUNT is to bring sustainability into predominantly unsustainable markets. For this reason we trade environmentally friendly alternatives to the traditional energy and feedstock products.

COUNT goes beyond the business operations, which follow the Paris agreement, and performs additional actions to lessen the overall environmental damage and create benefits to the nature and people.



Heat-Capturing System

Apart from being fully dedicated to renewables, the new storage tanks of COUNT are equipped with top of the art insulation system. This prevents the escape of heat and the release of CO2 emissions.

We implemented a steam boiler for improved accountability on the steam locks, which allows for effective emissions capturing

CO2 Emissions Decreased by 50%

COUNT plays an important role in utilization of the Used Cooking Oil (UCO). Thanks to the supply chain of UCO, the CO₂ emissions produced within the operations of our partners have been decreased by 50%!

UCO is processed into fuel and sold by petrol stations instead of traditional fuels. This strategy has both lessened cooking oil waste and eliminated the necessity to purchase fuels from environmentally harmful sources. This fulfills our 2nd sustainability objective, namely Profitable waste recycling and green energy.


Together with our partners we created more opportunities for the local community territory in Paramaribo (Surinam). By mapping this territory, we empowered the locals to better utilize their unique knowledge of the production of Tuhka oil – one of the rarest and healthiest oils in the world! This effort increased the number of people from Paramaribo with stable incomes. By initiating the Tuhka oil project, we fulfilled our  1st sustainability objective – Responsible production process

Redefining Tuhka oil

Supporting Farmers in Africa and South America

With help of our network, we support more than 60.000 cocoa smallholder farmers by increasing access to agri trainings and planting materials. We provide small loans to improve their income while taking care for the environment. All our projects are certified by international standards (e.g. UTZ/ Rainforest Alliance / Fairtrade) with additional support from development organizations like IDH, GiZ, and local governments. We are able to ensure responsible production process – our 1st sustainability objective.

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COUNT’s community initiated multiple projects aimed at harnessing social and environmental sustainability. From sponsoring smaller organizations in Rotterdam to contributing to Ocean cleaning. From preventing deforestations to empowering women and giving access to education for children.

Other Initiatives

As of January 2020, we began to mark sustainable products we sell with our own COUNT Energy & Renewables green stamp. The stamp proves our partners’ efforts for contributing to a sustainable future of our markets.